Journaling for beginners

Deciding to journal is usually way easier than actually starting your journal. There are so many different ways to journal but don’t let that stop you. Just pick a style and go with t. If you decide to change later you can. There aren’t really any rules when it comes to how to write a journal.

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So, let’s think about these things as you start journaling.

How much time do you have to spend journaling? It doesn’t take much! Are you going to always journal at your desk or on the go? Will you write more or draw more or a little of both? What’s your goal with making a journal? Is it to track your goals or progress? Maybe you want to log mileage or follow up notes? Or to remember your favorite quotes or bible verses?

Keys to Successful Journaling:

Choose the right pens and journals

Find a pen that writes well and is easy to use. I love to use different colored pens so my writing looks fun. Next, pick your journal. Journals come in different styles. Some are bound and some are spiral so they will lay flat. My favorite journals have Sassy or inspirational quotes on the covers. Think about what you like & maybe even pick one of each to try both styles. how to write a journal

Make the time

Find a time when you have some peace and quiet to do your journaling. This might be bright and early before your family wakes up in the morning. It might be in the evening before you go to bed. Maybe you will keep your journal in the car and write in between your kids’ activities. Be intentional about creating a routine when you start to journal. This will make sure you stay consistent. how to write a journal

Your Surroundings

Once you find your best time to journal, make sure you can focus. Reduce your distractions. Turn off the radio, television and silence your phone. Go outside and listen to the sound of nature or turn on a fan or sound machine (my favorite is ocean waves sounds!) Tell your family not to disturb you. You might also consider diffusing oils or having a scented candle burning. Create a relaxed environment so you can be as creative as possible.

 Do what comes naturally

The best way to begin journaling is to do what comes naturally. If you love to write, let it flow onto the paper. If you are a list maker, start listing your thoughts. More creative methods such as mind mapping or scatter mapping works for some. Doodling or just drawing might be your style. Just do what makes you happy. Here’s some more info on journaling styles. You’ll love going back and looking at what you created.

Have a why

Anytime you connect with why you are doing something, you are more likely to stick with it. Knowing why you are journaling not only helps you get going but keeps you going. If you are trying to lose weight or manage a health issue, tracking your progress will keep you motivated. It’ll also let you know if you’re close to achieving your goal or if you need to work harder. Be sure to read my article on the benefits of Journaling.

Maybe you just want to log your daily life. What you did, where you were, who you were with. I have my grandmothers journal from the 1920’s. She wrote about how she won 20 cents in a card game. There’s a piece of my family history I’d never have known if my grandma hadn’t kept a journal. how to write a journal

Just Begin!

Starting to journal isn’t hard and it’s actually a lot of fun once you start. From finding the perfect tools (Sorry to enable that trip to Amazon to find some amazing pens!) to express yourself in a way that’s a style all your own, you will be on your way to creating some wonderful books that you’ll love to look at. Who knows, you might just record some important history about your life for future generations to marvel at!

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Have you started a Journal? What’s your favorite style?

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  1. I love keeping a journal and have only really started again! I find it really helps with my mental health and gratitude!
    Thank you for writing and sharing this with us 🙂

    – Nyxie

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