Benefits of Acupuncture

I used to think acupuncture was this ancient, never used procedure that no one really ever used. Boy, was I wrong. Acupuncture is becoming more and more mainstream as more people are finding it helpful in their health journey. So, what exactly is acupuncture and what are the benefits of acupuncture?

This ancient Chinese healing technique has been practiced for thousands of years. It can be used with herbal remedies or modern Western medicine for the treatment of many disorders such as neck and back pain, arthritis, sports injuries and even headaches. I’ve also seen it used for anxiety, weight loss, insomnia and more.

How does Acupuncture Work

Acupuncture works by inserting these hair-thin, hygienic, disposable, needles into specific parts of your body. These needles actually stimulate healing. The needles are painless, but some people may have slight discomfort if a damaged or faulty needle is used. Discomfort can also be caused by the needles not being placed in the right spot.

benefits of acupuncture

Once the special needles are inserted correctly, you may feel slight pressure or tenderness, or numbness in various areas. This is completely normal. These sensations are the needles energizing your sensory receptors under your skin at precise acupuncture points.

Acupuncture points have a highly concentrated number of nerve endings, lymphatic vessels, capillaries and mast cells. These have the power to trigger physiological and biochemical changes in the body. When one of these points is triggered via an acupuncture needle, a chain reaction is set off.

So now, I’ll get specific for a second so you really understand how acupuncture works. 

First, the sensory receptor is stimulated which then activates the receptors and it sparks a nerve ending. The nerves transmit the impulse to a network of hormones and glands known as the hypothalamic pituitary adrenal system.

Endorphins (which is a part of the hormonal system and your body’s natural pain killer) are released. These endorphins help treat and moderate lots of illnesses. Serotonin is also released. We like serotonin because it’s the bodies feel good hormone. This release reduces inflammation, increases circulation and helps you to relax.

Acupuncture is a holistic treatment, which means it deals with the body as a whole. This includes the mind, body, and spirit. So, instead of focusing on the back to treat a backache, acupuncture goes deeper to find the source of the pain and treats the whole body, not just the back. 

Acupuncture theories are that the needles work with your bodies energy. The study of this energy is rooted in Chinese medicine and ancient beliefs that the universe is full of energy.

benefits of acupuncture

This procedure helps regain your body’s natural energy, Qi (pronounced chee). It also re-calibrates the Meridian system. This system consists of 12 energy passageways that run throughout the body, creating a system of connections.

When your energy doesn’t flow freely or the meridians are blocked or out of balance, you experience pain. This pain can manifest itself physically, mentally or emotionally. This makes you more prone to diseases, injuries and mental distress.

benefits of acupuncture

Who can benefit from acupuncture

Acupuncture is really for everyone, regardless of age or health history. If you’re suffering from any type of disease or illness, acupuncture can help relieve aches and soreness. My husband recently had a shoulder ache and they used acupuncture to help with the pain and healing.

If you’re not suffering from anything, it can help you maintain your good health. It’s also proven to be used with lots of skin care and beauty concerns  and has been used for such things as clearing skin, minimizing wrinkles, and fewer breakouts.

Basic acupuncture sessions are about 45 minutes to an hour. The number of sessions you’ll need may vary according to your individual case. Basic cases require 2 treatments no more than 7 days apart.

Whatever your ailment, there are positive side effects to be gained from acupuncture. Your sleep will improve; you’ll have more energy, better cognitive functions, and better digestion and reduced stress.

Choosing a certified acupuncturist

So, now that you see the benefits of acupuncture, how to do you go about finding a good acupuncturist?

Acupuncturists need to complete a minimum of 2000 hours of training in both Traditional Oriental Medicine and Western medicine from an accredited school of acupuncture before acquiring a license to practice. The highest degree in this study is the doctoral degree, the Doctor of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine (D.A.O.M.).

When deciding on an acupuncturist, don’t be afraid to ask questions regarding their training and work experience. Since acupuncture is a complementary healing technique, it’s not meant to replace a doctor’s treatment. It will also not interfere with it. In most cases, it is incorporated alongside your therapy. 

benefits of acupuncture

Part of their training is knowing how to collaborate with MDs to integrate treatment for the best possible outcome. So be sure to discuss it with your doctor and acupuncturist to be sure you are getting the right treatment for you.

This article has some great additional points when choosing an acupuncturist. 

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benefits of acupuncture