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So, it’s January and you (along with lots of others) have decided to lose some weight in the New Year. But that means you need to keep track of your weight, your food, your workouts and everything else that will help you reach your goal. Sometimes, it can be pretty difficult to try to keep track of all that. So, here are some things to consider when choosing the best weight loss app or a device to help you achieve your goals. best apps for weight loss

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Keeping Track of it All

So, how do you keep track of it all? You could keep a fitness notebook or a weight loss journal but you would need to really consistently take the time to write out your workout and all the food you ate and keep up with it regularly. Some people need to see it on paper. If you do, then check out some health journals like the one below. If not and you’re more techy, then use your smartphone and fitness trackers to help you lose weight. best apps for weight loss

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There are also lots of apps that can help you lose weight in a way that makes it easier and is more fun and rewarding. First off, there are the tracking apps. Tracking all of your food can be a real pain, especially when you have to read food labels for nutrition information. Several apps make it easy though. Does the app allow you to scan a barcode for packaged food? Can you enter in the foods you frequently eat and have it remember the nutrition information? Does it remember the food you eat frequently?

My Fitness Pal is one of my favorite health apps in this category since it has a huge food database and also include lots of restaurant foods. It even has my favorite protein drink from a Direct Sales Company! This app has you put in your information and calculates how many calories you should eat in a day and keeps a running tally. This makes it easy for you to stay on track. I also like that you can connect it to your fitness tracker to log your activity too. You might also check out Noom  and LoseIt. best apps for weight loss

Most people think a diet is what food you can‘t eat instead of looking at it as an opportunity to nourish your body with better foods. Make some healthy food swaps. Fooducate is perfect for this! Just scan the label of your food and it scores it so you’ll know if those health bars your eating really is good for you. The higher the score, the better the food is, so use it to make some healthy swaps.

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Wanna Bet on it?

Are you motivated by money? Did you bet your brother his Halloween candy that you could do a trick? Then you might be interested in this.  A new site which is a weight betting site and a lot of people are seeing success using one!

Users are able to bet real money that they’ll meet certain weight goals within an allotted timeframe, and if they do meet their scheduled goals, they’ll get more money back than they put in. However, if they fail to meet their weight goals, they don’t get any money back. That money would then go on to fund other people’s successful bets. This gives people a more tangible goal and can give them even more motivation to keep up with their diets and workouts. A couple of sites that do this Pact, StepBet (more for fitness goals) but the best one just might be HealthyWage.  You bet on your weight loss goal, lose the weight, and win money. Grab some financial motivation and start your HealthyWager today. I have a friend who had great success with this program.

Up for the Challenge?

Finally, there are health apps that allow you to turn your workout into something fun. Some weight loss apps like FitBit let you compete against your friends based on who gets the most steps in over a week or weekend. This is helpful if you are a competitive person because it will make you get out and start exercising. best apps for weight loss

Not only will it give you some challenges but it can help to change up your routine. It can recommend a good scenic trail to walk. We live in NC and have access to lots of mountain trails that include waterfalls (and who doesn’t love that?). Do you need rewards to stay motivated?  Watch this app give you a virtual reward for walking a certain distance. Don’t live near the mountains? No problem. Just getting out and walking whether its a trail or sightseeing around a city any kind of movement is great for weight loss and heart health. I have a fitbit and love it. Also be sure to read how simple exercise changes can really help with your weight loss goals.   best apps for weight loss

Just Don’t Forget

A lot of these apps focus on calories or activities to help you lose weight but necessary daily vitamins aren’t sometimes factored in. Don’t just depend on the food you eat to give you all your daily required nutrients. You need to take a high-quality supplement on a daily basis for your body to perform its best. So make sure you are taking supplement your body can absorb and use easily and is backed by science. My favorite supplements make it easy to get all I need on a daily basis. Every day. Read more here.  If you’re interested, you can take a health quiz to see if you may need to boost your nutrition.

So find a health app that motivates you to live a more healthy life. If you’re looking for more detailed info on weight loss apps, I found this article about weight loss apps useful as well. And know I’m cheering you on for a healthier, happier, better you! best apps for weight loss

Weight Loss Tracker Apps

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