21 Day Sugar Detox

Sugar is a nemesis for those who want to lose weight and get healthy. There is sugar in just about every food item we purchase and it’s hidden so you never know what you’re getting. No wonder we have cravings for sugar and carbs. Be sure to read this on Sugar Detox. 21 day sugar detox

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The 21-Day Sugar Detox plan educates you on the perils of sugar and gives you a plan to detox your body of sugar and get rid of the cravings that plague you. By eliminating refined sugar and processed foods in your diet, you’ll naturally lose weight and improve your health.

You will also be able to prevent diseases such as cancer, Alzheimer’s disease, heart disease and more. The sugar detox plan uses a nutrition-based dietary plan that will reset the body’s metabolism and break the addiction to sugar.

Author Diane Sanfilippo, B.S. N.C., wrote The 21-Day Sugar Detox after she spent years trying to lose weight on various diets and starving herself. While working with her clients, she found that others were having the same problems conquering weight issues, so she went about trying to find answers. 21 day sugar detox

She found that sugar was a virtual chain around her neck and knew that she had to break that chain before she could lose weight and keep it off. The 21-Day Sugar Detox is the result of her journey and has helped thousands of people switch to nutritious, whole foods and stop cravings for sugar and carbs.

As you read the book, you’ll realize the difference between being hungry and eating versus giving in to the cravings of the body that sugar and carbs cause. Being on a sugar roller coaster causes obesity and poor health.

But before you can break the chains of sugar, your body must be cleansed so there is a blank slate to build upon. The 21-Day Sugar Detox plan helps you cleanse the body in a natural way so that at the end of the 21 days, you’re feeling great and realizing just how much nutrition affects your lifestyle. 21 day sugar detox

The first portion of The 21-Day Sugar Detox is a question and answer introduction that you should answer truthfully. By the end of the intro, you’ll see just how much you’re addicted to the carbs, calories, and sugar that are making you fat and sick.

As you learn more about the perils of sugar you may want to stop consuming it – cold turkey. That method won’t work because your cravings make you out of control and eventually you’ll have to give in to them.

Following The 21-Day Sugar Detox helps you wean yourself off of the highly addictive substances causing the cravings and gives you more of a chance to succeed. One of the main goals of this diet plan is to take each step gradually so you won’t be hungry and give in to constant cravings. I love that there’s a companion book called the 21-Day Sugar Detox Companion Guide for those that want a road map to success. 21 day sugar detox

You’ll learn how your body reacts to the sugar and when you begin to eliminate the sugar from your diet, you’ll see immediate results. Your skin will be clear and glowing and you’ll have more energy to do the things you love.

Armed with a willingness and desire to transform your health and your body by changing to the healthy diet plan offered in The 21-Day Sugar Detox, you can break the sugar chains and achieve weight loss and a healthy lifestyle.

Sugar detox book review

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