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  • healthy desserts, keto desserts, healthy chocolate mousse, diet desserts

    Indulgent Healthy Desserts

    Being on a diet is hard for those of us that love desserts. What if I told you that you can still diet and indulge in healthy desserts too. Here’s my favorite diet dessert. Now, for me, the ultimate dessert will satisfy my need for something sweet and usually includes chocolate. It also needs to […] Read more…

  • integrative healthcare, integrative doctor near me, integrative health coach, integrative medicine, what it integrative medicine

    What is Integrative Health

    If you’re like me, you keep hearing the term integrative health a lot lately. So just what is integrative medicine? What is Integrative Medicine What if you are seriously ill or injured, would you want to take advantage of any alternative therapies that might help you to get better (as long as they were science-based)? […] Read more…

  • diet, weight loss, diet snacks

    The Best Late Night Snack for Weight Loss

    You know the scene. It’s about 8pm and you’re watching your favorite TV show and you start to feel hungry. That dinner you had a few hours ago is long gone and you are looking for a little snack. BUT, you’re on a diet!  You’re limiting your carbs and sugars and you’re feeling unsatisfied. Surely […] Read more…

  • collagen, collagen supplements, collage for skin

    How Collagen Supplements Can Help You Improve Your Health

    As we age, our bodies start to slow down. Our metabolism slows down, which makes it harder to lose weight. Our bones stop growing, which is why we need calcium. Our skin gets loser – because by the time we are in our 40’s our body is using collagen faster than we can produce it. […] Read more…


  • saving money on groceries

    11 Tips to Stretch Your Grocery Budget

    As a Mom, I spend lots of time in the grocery store. If you’re a Mom, you know what I mean. We must feed our family, so sadly, grocery shopping is not an option, is it? Do you feel like your grocery budget will cover less than what’s in your cart? If you shop frequently, […] Read more…

  • food,saving money on lunch, work lunch ideas

    Super Easy Lunch Ideas for Work

    Does this scenario sound familiar?  The office clock says noon and your coworker comes by your desk to see if you have any lunch ideas. You have choices. You can eat out with co-workers, or eat the lunch you brought. Eating lunch out every day can be expensive, not to mention taking longer than you […] Read more…

  • coupoing, extreme couponing, saving money with coupons

    How to Coupon in 3 Simple Steps

    I don’t know about you, but I swear my food budget gets smaller and smaller each week. And I’m sure you probably feel the same way, right? As a Mom, it gets tough to feed a family the healthy meals we need on a shoestring budget. So, how do I make my food money go […] Read more…

  • save money dining out, save money on food

    13 Easy Ways to Save Money Dining Out

    When I was a little girl, we rarely ate out. My Mom would cook every meal at home.  Sometimes after church on Saturday night, we would get to have dinner at Mazzios Pizza, which was pretty exciting.  But, boy have times changed! With the advent of fast food, eating out has become an almost everyday […] Read more…


  • journaling, bullet journaling

    5 Keys to Successful Journaling

    Deciding to journal is usually way easier than actually starting your journal. There are so many different ways to journal but don’t let that stop you. Just pick a style and go with t. If you decide to change later you can. There aren’t really any rules when it comes to how to write a […] Read more…

  • journalilng,bullet journal,journal, journaling,bullet journal

    Different ways to Journal

    ways to journal So, this is my second in a series on Journaling. I love to journal and so I hope this may inspire you to pick up a fun, sassy journal and use it! Journaling is just about writing down your thoughts. Sometimes it takes a few short minutes so you don’t forget what’s […] Read more…

  • journaling, why keep a journal

    Benefits of Keeping a Journal

    benefits of keeping a journal This is the beginning of a series of posts on Journaling. Journaling has been around for forever and has come back into vogue (kinda like essential oils and holistic health!)  When I was younger I kept a diary (same thing as a journal right?) and it’s fun to look back […] Read more…

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