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Super Easy Lunch Ideas for Work

food,saving money on lunch, work lunch ideas

Does this scenario sound familiar?  The office clock says noon and your coworker comes by your desk to see if you have any lunch ideas. You have choices. You can eat out with co-workers, or eat the lunch you brought. Eating lunch out every day can be expensive, not to mention taking longer than you […] Read more…

6 ways to Rev up your Metabolism

increase metabolism, lose weight, diet, diet tips, diet hacks

When it comes to dieting, most people concern themselves most with cutting calories and burning fat. Are you measuring food, walking on the treadmill, and still struggling to lose weight? rev up your metabolism One good way to lose weight and tone up is to focus on gradually improving your metabolism. If you’ve been a […] Read more…

How to Coupon in 3 Simple Steps

coupoing, extreme couponing, saving money with coupons

I don’t know about you, but I swear my food budget gets smaller and smaller each week. And I’m sure you probably feel the same way, right? As a Mom, it gets tough to feed a family the healthy meals we need on a shoestring budget. So, how do I make my food money go […] Read more…

13 Easy Ways to Save Money Dining Out

save money dining out, save money on food

When I was a little girl, we rarely ate out. My Mom would cook every meal at home.  Sometimes after church on Saturday night, we would get to have dinner at Mazzios Pizza, which was pretty exciting.  But, boy have times changed! With the advent of fast food, eating out has become an almost everyday […] Read more…

How to Get Amazing Skin: The Beauty of Zinc

zinc,acne,skin care

Years ago, it was thought that acne was just a teenage skin problem caused by not washing the face well enough. But studies are suggesting otherwise. Acne is a skin inflammation and the condition happens to people regardless of age. For some people, it can be a lifelong battle trying to get and keep radiant […] Read more…

Ebates Review: How to Earn the Most Money

ebates, saving money online,

What is Ebates Ebates is cashback website that lets you earn money while shopping online. It is one of the largest member-based savings programs with over 10 million users who have earned over $800 million in cash back savings. There are lots of cash back programs, but I believe Ebates has been around the longest […] Read more…

Smart Girls Guide to Vitamins & Supplements

vitamins, best vitamins, best vitamins for women

Are you confused about whether you should take a vitamin or supplement daily? Maybe you eat a healthy diet and don’t think you need one? Read on and see what you could be missing. I think that our bodies are created to use vitamins and minerals which support our active lifestyles. It also helps us stay healthy. […] Read more…

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