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Do you have a “sweet tooth”? Do you crave sweets?  For some of us, the love affair with sugar began when we were kids. Remember baking with Grandma and her delicious homemade chocolate chip cookies?

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Now, cookies and cakes aren’t the only foods that contain sugar. Believe it or not, there’s sugar added to LOTS of foods. Sure it’s in foods like juice, bread but did you know things like peanut butter, yogurt, condiments like ketchup and sports drinks (and more!!) have added unnecessary added sugar as well? If you think that your weight and health are being ruined by too much sugar, it might be time to consider a sugar detox diet.

What is a Sugar Detox Diet

The Basic Principals

Did you know that cravings for sugar are stronger than for other types of foods? Well, there’s a good reason why. Our tongues contain up to 5,000 taste buds and up to 25 receptors that tell us when something is bitter. But guess what? There’s only one receptor for sugar.

That one receptor can differentiate between different types of sugar and causes certain responses in the body. The type of sweetness that comes from processed sugars causes a powerful outpouring of opiates (endorphins) and instantly makes us feel content and relaxed.

It’s easy to see how addictive sugar can become. The sugar detox diet is a sugar withdrawal plan that helps you stop sugar cravings cold turkey (without stress) and learn how to live a sugar-free or at least a reduced sugar life.

Breaking the addiction to sugar without the stress it usually causes is the ultimate goal of this diet plan. If you adhere to the plan, you’ll notice that your metabolism will heal almost immediately and other diseases like diabetes (not surprising!) will improve.

There are many benefits of the sugar detox plan. The biggest, I think is that you’ll lose weight and improve digestive problems. It can also help to counteract depression symptoms, lower your risk of cancer and diseases like thyroid disorders, chronic pain and SO much more.

Pros and Cons of Sugar Detox

The only downside of the sugar detox diet is in the learning and preparation for it. You need to take time to learn how sugar affects you and know which foods contain hidden sugars so you can avoid them.

Removing items in your kitchen pantry and refrigerator that contain unnecessary sugars and replacing them with fresh and organic items may take some time and getting used to, but the benefits of the sugar detox diet are so plentiful that you’ll soon be glad you did.

Who Needs a Sugar Detox Diet

With the advent of so many processed foods, I think everyone can benefit from a sugar detox. I think I eat healthily but I also know that sugar is very addictive. I read somewhere that it is more addictive than some heavy drugs like cocaine.

If you have diabetes or pre-diabetes, then a sugar detox diet plan might be the ticket to helping you feel better, not be so sluggish and have more energy (and need less insulin!). Sugar has also been linked to heart disease, and not surprising, obesity. Sugar also impacts your immune system and can lead to some mineral deficiencies.

So, there is really one way to do a sugar detox and that’s to just get started. There are several books like the 21 day Sugar Detox that have a program you can follow. Like quitting anything, it takes time to build new habits and let your body adjust to a new “norm”. Be sure to read my book review!

Some Tips to Get Started on Sugar Detox

So, here are some tips to help you get started on reducing your sugars! These are things I’ve done and I can tell you I feel better!

  • READ LABELS! Read the ingredient labels on EVERYTHING you buy. I now buy different brands of yogurt, ketchup, peanut butter, and canned fruit because it adds way too much sugar to my diet.
  • Pick out 1 item this week you’ll change. I started with yogurt because I eat yogurt every day. On average, there’s 19g (about a tablespoon) of sugar in a cup of yogurt! I now choose a no-sugar-added brand. Next week, pick another item. Make it one you use often.
  • Stop drinking sodas. Y’all this is HUGE – and DO NOT substitute for a diet soda! There is NO nutrition in a soda. It provides lots of unneeded sugar, the calcium carbonate deteriorate your bones (ladies, that leads to osteoporosis when you’re older!) and if you drink diet drinks, the sweeteners are even more dangerous than sugar!
  • Give up dessert. If this is hard for you then make some healthy trades. Try eating fruit (fresh or canned) or I like a hand full of dates. I have some recipes for “sneaky desserts” that made with cottage cheese or ricotta cheese and sweetened with Swerve if needed or this chocolate syrup. It satisfies my sweet cravings without killing my blood sugar. Check out these Indulgent Healthy Desserts!
  • Watch out for Low-Fat food! I used to buy reduced fat peanut butter until I realized they replaced that fat with sugar! Compare the labels and look at the Sugars. It’s ok to trade higher fat for less sugar.
  • Make sure you are eating sufficient amounts of lean proteins and healthy fats. They’ll help to keep you feeling satisfied.

Sugar is hiding everywhere and it’s high time you kicked it to the curb! Use these tips and be sure to check out my book review on the 21 Day Diet if you want more from the experts! I know giving up sugar is hard, but your health, your skin, your life will thank you! sugar detox

There are SO MANY different diets out there. I’ve started a series on all the different diets and encourage you to read them all and see which plan might resonate with you. Keep in mind, these “diets” are often a great way to get you to a certain weight and then you should adopt a healthy lifestyle that you can sustain.  Here’s to your long, beautiful, healthy life!

Sugare detox for beginners

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