Should I try dirty keto?

Diets are the most important part of any weight loss program. No matter how much you exercise, bad eating habits will stop you from losing any significant weight. The problem is, if you have bad eating habits, switching over to a diet or a healthy eating plan can be pretty difficult.

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All of a sudden, you’ve cut out almost everything you used to eat and replaced it with things you don’t normally eat, which can confuse your body. This can make it really difficult to keep up with your weight loss program for a long period of time.

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One simple solution is dirty keto. Ketogenic diets involve cutting down your carbs to almost nothing so that your body enters a state of ketosis, which is where your body burns fats for energy instead of carbs.

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This diet is great in short bursts for quick weight loss, but it’s not meant for you to be on it for long. It can be difficult to start this diet in the first place, though, because a vast majority of most people’s diets involves carbs.

How Dirty Keto is Different

What sets dirty keto apart from any other kind of keto diet is that it still allows you to eat more comfort food, which makes transitioning into that diet a lot easier. While it still cuts out certain things like sweets that are always high in carbs, you can still eat certain foods like fast food with a few small tweaks.

For example, under a traditional keto diet, you could never get something like a fast-food cheeseburger because it’s carb count is too high. However, you can get around that with dirty keto.

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A dirty keto diet would be a cheeseburger sans the bun

Instead, you’d get a burger and replace the bun with lettuce which reduces the number of carbs while still allowing you to eat something that you enjoy. So go ahead and have that bacon cheeseburger. Just don’t eat the bun. Some places will give you some lettuce leaves to use as a bun – just ask!

There have been a few issues raised concerning the dirty keto diet though.

Drawbacks of Dirty Keto

For one, dirty keto should not be used for extended periods of time. While your body can use fats as a source of energy, it can’t run off of that forever, so don’t plan on this being a healthy lifestyle choice.

Also, fast food isn’t necessarily the most nutritious. If you travel a lot, following a keto diet can be hard, but dirty keto could be do-able. For example, a sausage and egg biscuit for breakfast (you’ll have to give the biscuit to the birds though) and a bunless burger for lunch.

Another downside of this diet is that it doesn’t focus on vegetables. Most people don’t get the veggies they need anyway, and not eating enough fiber can cause other problems like constipation. And not eating enough – or any – vegetables means you aren’t getting your daily dose of vitamins and minerals which are so vital for you to be healthy.

So, even if you choose to do the dirty keto diet, you should still try to get in several servings of vegetables each day. This will help to make sure you are getting fiber and vitamins.

The lack of vegetables and fiber can also increase your chances of getting “keto flu” which makes you feel like crap. A lot of processed foods do not contain the necessary nutrients you need, so just keep that in mind if you choose to go the dirty keto route.

Dirty keto is best used as a transitional diet to help get you used to keto. It shouldn’t be used for too long at any given time, but it can certainly help with short bursts of weight loss or when you have travel plans.

Is Dirty Keto Effective

If you’re thinking of starting a keto diet, maybe give dirty keto a try, but only for a short period and then move to the simple keto plan which promotes, healthy fats (like avocado), lean proteins and a variety of vegetables that help you lose weight and keep you feeling good. I would also recommend you use a supplement to be sure you’re are getting the nutrients your body needs. You can read more about these supplements here as well as my Smart Girls Guide to Vitamins.

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If you’re interested in starting a keto diet, and want an easy plan that’s all laid out with meal plans, recipes and more I love theKeto 90 plan.

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