Benefis of journaling

This is the beginning of a series of posts on Journaling. Journaling has been around for forever and has come back into vogue (kinda like essential oils and holistic health!)  When I was younger I kept a diary (same thing as a journal right?) and it’s fun to look back and reminisce about the past. I think some of this country’s greatest treasures are the journals and accounts written by the women and men who settled in America.

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Why Journal

So, how do we remember stuff? We write it down. So whether you are plotting out a new business venture, jotting down your thoughts in a safe place or creating a documentary of your life, journaling is an effective way to sort through life and challenge yourself to live your dreams. benefits of keeping a journal

There are hundreds of reasons to keep a journal but I think some key benefits of journaling are capturing your dreams, expressing yourself and recording your amazing life.

Capture Your Ideas & Dream

Journaling creates a safe space to record every idea that comes to mind. Sometimes one of the best ways to manage your overwhelming life is to record your thoughts and ideas. Writing it down frees you up to let it go.

The simple act of asking yourself “What if  I…” could help to create an endless list of personal possibilities. Use your imagination. What if everything was possible? Use your journal to create a space for cataloging your ideas. Just keep writing these ideas down and then begin to take steps to bring those ideas to life.

Express yourself

Journaling is a great way to express yourself, just like in art, music, and dance. So, whether you are doing bullet journaling, bible journaling or doodling quotes in a book filled with empty pages, you are expressing yourself. No one journals the same, so this is your chance to capture your amazing thoughts. benefits of keeping a journal

Even more, expressing yourself can also give you an outlet to manage the emotions of a difficult time in life. I have personally kept a grief journal. You could journal about a journey of self-improvements like weight loss or a fitness goal. Some find it useful when you have a mental health challenge like depression. benefits of keeping a journal

The activity of writing in a journal can be a way to recharge your batteries and do some self-care. So go ahead and write, draw, or capture your ideas like only you can when they have your full attention.

Record Your Life

Life is fleeting. What you are experiencing today is going to be a memory tomorrow. You won’t always be 16. Maybe you won’t always be pregnant.  Or you won’t always be in the beginning stages of starting your business. Journaling creates a timeline of your life. Likewise, it also lets you revisit who you were back then and helps you to recognize how far you’ve come. You might just find that things really did work out for the best. benefits of keeping a journal

My Mom keeps a journal of her life. She uses a printed journal with a space for each page and a place to put pictures of holidays and celebrations. She enjoys it and I know that I will be able to look back on her life after she’s gone and understand the legacy she created. benefits of keeping a journal

Journaling has benefits that can help anyone. So, whether you’re looking to keep a list of ideas in this crazy fast life we live or document your life or travels I can tell you, you’ll certainly love creating them and looking at them for years to come.

Benefits of keeping a journal

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