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How to Journal

So, this is my second in a series on Journaling. I love to journal and so I hope this may inspire you to pick up a fun, sassy journal and use it! Journaling is just about writing down your thoughts. Sometimes it takes a few short minutes so you don’t forget what’s on your mind jor longer if you want to just relax and let your thoughts flow.  It’s not how you journal that’s important, it the fact that you do it – and you do it regularly. wa

ys to journal

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So, what you want to journal about can determine what you should use. Are you trying to keep track of your goals? Are you logging your fitness or food? Is it simply a form of expression or a place for you to work through some troubling times? Maybe you just want to doodle? Whatever your goal is, there is a way to journal it.

Traditional Journals

A traditional journal can be something as simple as a notebook or a pad of paper. Some are bound books that have lined or blank pages. I keep a lined notebook in my purse to jot down blog ideas or fun sayings that I hear. I need to get another one to take to church so I can write down quotes and inspiring words from the priest’s sermon.

A fill in the blank type book has become popular as it has different journaling prompts. Some of these I’ve seen are gratitude type journals, devotional themed and stories about your life.

I guess I’m a little old school when I say I prefer pen and paper for journaling. If a keyboard is more your style, there are lots of electronic journals available.

New Journal Styles

Bullet Journaling or BuJo as they call it comes to mind when I think new styles of journaling. I’ve seen several journals or planners that use the bullet journal method, which uses dot filled pages and allows you to create boxes, indexes, contents, lists and more. Online stores are full of these types of journals and I have a few cute ones too!

My son’s girlfriend has a Bible journal. While the thought of writing in a book is foreign to me, it seems a little intriguing since you can record your spiritual thoughts right along with the scriptures. I’d probably want a separate notebook like this one. ways to journal

Artists use of art journals (or sketchbooks) is a fantastic way to take your art with you. You can capture the beauty of the world around you or simply doodle. I know a few artists who always carry around an art journal so they are prepared when inspiration strikes. I’ve also seen these with music lined paper for the aspiring musicians.

If you’re on a mission to watch what you eat, a food journal can be helpful. I small book that you can carry in your purse or bag so it’s handy at mealtime. Logging the food you eat helps you to be mindful of what you are consuming. ways to journal

I love Vision boards or books. I’ve created a vision board and a small notebook to go with it. It included images and words I’d cut out of magazines that inspired me. Some were pictures of places I wanted to visit. Others were powerful words that meant something. There’s also a place to put down my personal goals – and then break those goals down into manageable tasks.

For those who prefer no-nonsense and practical methods of journaling, a mind map may be just the ticket. Mind mapping takes ideas and thoughts and creates compartmentalized areas for each thought. Then the ideas that match that thought are neatly assigned to the thought. This is a very unique way to organize ideas.

Bottom line is, there are so many different ways to journal and how you do it is totally up to you. You may want a daily journal to record your amazing life and tell what you did that day. Or maybe you may need a small journal to log mileage or expenses for your business. Do you need a place to write your grocery list so you don’t leave it at home? Need to pass the time while sitting in traffic or waiting on a plane and want to doodle? These are all perfect reasons to use a journal. And just so you know, most people have more than one!

Stay tuned for my next segment on Journaling where I’ll share some tips on how to get started journaling! Be sure you also read the benefits of journaling as well. In the mean time, head on over toPinterestand check out my Journal board! ways to journal