What is food as medicine?

Do you think about getting sick? Most of the time you don’t think about getting sick until you DO get sick. Then you probably do what most people do. You go to the doctor so he can tell you a diagnosis. Sometimes it’s just a simple cold. Other times it maybe something more. Especially if you have a family history of certain diseases, then that maybe something you need to be aware of. You see, not everyone takes a preventative approach to their health care.

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Now, I’m not here to tell you that you need to stop taking medicine or that you don’t need medicine that you just need to eat right. That’s not the case at all. You can’t use food for medicine to cure a disease. What I AM trying to say is that you should start looking at your food as a way to maintain or improve your health so you don’t get sick. Food should be medicine prevention.

Imagine if you could actually see a disease like cancer forming inside your body. What if you knew when every single cell turned cancerous? Or how about every time your arteries accumulated a little more plaque build-up?

Would you be worried or scared? Well, the truth is we don’t see it but it is happening. Some people prefer not to even think about it. But if you want to live a long and healthy life, it’s time you started thinking about this. Every time you take a bite of food, everything you put in your mouth I want you to think about what is happening with every bite of food you consume.

use food as medicine to stay healthy so you can live disease free.
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What was the last thing you ate? Was it healthy or not? That cupcake you just ate? It probably tasted really good. However, it sent your blood sugar levels spiraling out of control. And that yummy frosting? Your arteries wound up just a teeny bit thicker because of the ingredients it was made with.

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The cancer cells in your body love the increased sugar because it’s what they feed on. You see, everyone has some cancer cells inside them. It’s just the crazy world we live in. But you don’t feel sick right? Well, it all depends on how well your immune system can fight off those nasty little creeps.

Are you finding it harder to get up out of your chair? Maybe your feet or hands hurt after doing yard work. Maybe you can’t remember stuff like you used to? Lots of processed foods cause inflammation. Inflammation is why your joints hurt. Sure you could take something to ease the pain, but wouldn’t it be easier to just not cause the inflammation in the first place?

When you use food as a medicine you are essentially preventing disease before it can start. Most Americans eat a very processed diet and very little fresh fruits and vegetables. This is really where the change needs to happen!

you can use food as medicine by making sure what you eat is healthy and therefore keeps you well so you don't need medicine
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Think about your favorite snack and then think of another food that might be a better option. For example, if you love snacking on chips, you might try grabbing a handful of walnuts or almonds instead. Walnuts are packed with vitamin E, which offers protection for your heart. Nuts are a good source of protein though they are high in fat. BUT, probably contain less fat than the chips.

How about that candy bar you are craving? Grab a piece of fruit or a small piece of dark chocolate instead. Dark chocolate has some good antioxidants and tends to be lower in sugar. Fruit will give you some fiber along with vitamins to make that a sweet snack that’s nutritious too.

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Food will either help or hurt you in terms of disease. For example, over cooking meat can lead to increased cancer risk (if you char your food, the black part isn’t good for you). But what if you chose a piece of salmon and broiled or grilled it? All those omegas are good for your heart. So it’s up to you to make a healthy choice.

I read a book and follow an ND that suggests there are 10-12 “bad” foods that we really shouldn’t eat. Dr. Wallach recommends that these foods should be avoided as they cause health issues. You can read about these foods and his health theories here.

Try this. Every time you sit down to eat, look at your plate and figure out if what you’re about to eat – and the way it’s prepared – is going to harm your body or help it thrive all the way down to a cellular level. Remember you can’t see how your body responds with the naked eye but maybe you can start to be aware of how you feel. This is the meaning behind food as medicine.

So, really it boils down to making better choices like choosing to bake or broil instead of fry. Maybe you could choose to buy organic produce instead of eating foods covered in pesticides. Choosing butter (which is made from natural products) instead of margarine (which is full of unnatural stuff!) You are the only person who can steer your health in the right direction. So which direction will you take? The journey is really yours to determine.

And, while you are making changes to your diet, I highly recommend that you add a daily vitamin-mineral supplement to your regimen. You can’t out supplement a bad diet, but adding a supplement can help give you some additional support. As a Youngevity rep, I love their vitamins because you can drink them. They also have an easy to use pack if you are on the go. Not sure if you need a vitamin? This article can help you determine the vitamins you should take.

use food as medicine

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