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5 Keys to Successful Journaling

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Journaling for beginners Deciding to journal is usually way easier than actually starting your journal. There are so many different ways to journal but don’t let that stop you. Just pick a style and go with t. If you decide to change later you can. There aren’t really any rules when it comes to how […] Read more…


Different ways to Journal

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ways to journal How to Journal So, this is my second in a series on Journaling. I love to journal and so I hope this may inspire you to pick up a fun, sassy journal and use it! Journaling is just about writing down your thoughts. Sometimes it takes a few short minutes so you […] Read more…

journalilng,bullet journal,journal, journaling,bullet journal

Benefits of Keeping a Journal

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Benefis of journaling This is the beginning of a series of posts on Journaling. Journaling has been around for forever and has come back into vogue (kinda like essential oils and holistic health!)¬† When I was younger I kept a diary (same thing as a journal right?) and it’s fun to look back and reminisce¬†about […] Read more…

benefits of journaling,bullet journal,how to journal

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