Women’s vitamins and supplements and why you may need one

Are you confused about whether you should take a vitamin or supplement daily? Maybe you eat a healthy diet and don’t think you need one? Read on and see what you could be missing.

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A Balanced Diet

I think that our bodies are created to use vitamins and minerals which support our active lifestyles. It also helps us stay healthy. Isn’t that why we eat? It should be! According to the CDC, only 1 in 10 adults get their recommended servings of fruits and 80% don’t get enough vegetables daily.

Think about it. Are you eating at least 1 1/2 to 2 cups of fruit per day? How about 2-3 cups of vegetables per day? Think back to what you ate today. Did you get all that? Probably not. But, do you want to learn how you can improve? This document from the CDC has some great tips on increasing your fruit and vegetable consumption.

In addition, the prevalence of processed, packaged foods which are high in fat, sugar, and salt and are consumed almost daily. With all of that, how can the body expect to operate at optimum performance? Even though I think I eat a healthy diet, I know I need to take a vitamin. I also think that everyone should be taking a vitamin supplement. Everyone!

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fresh vegetables provide lots of nutrients for your body but you need to supplement to get all your daily vitamins

Essential Vitamins – What your Body Needs

The Recommended Dietary Allowances were established to give people guidelines around nutrition. So, what you REALLY need is basic. A good multivitamin along with calcium and some essential fatty acids. You can’t get it all from one source! So you’ll need a “fish oil” to fill in the fatty acids (you should be getting all 3 Omegas – 3, 6 and 9), separate calcium and a separate multivitamin.

Vitamin Absorption

You want to make sure your body can easily digest the vitamin supplement you choose. I took a vitamin for years. Backed by science and years of clinical trials. But then I discovered a new way to get my daily vitamins, minerals and more. I could drink them! Seriously! Youngevity has a multivitamin and mineral complex that you mix with water and drink it.

Think about this for a second. Let’s use a spoon full of sugar and a sugar cube. Put each in a glass of water. Which will dissolve faster? The sugar not in the cube right (now, don’t go getting all science-y on me!) So, you see how if the vitamins and minerals can be dissolved in water when you drink it your body can use them quicker right? And you want your body to use what you put in it right?

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Wouldn’t it be cool to just drink your vitamins? You can!

When to take Supplements

Most supplement companies recommend taking vitamins with food. This helps the body absorb the nutrients at the same time it is digesting food. I like to split mine up and take part with breakfast and part with lunch. Of course, if you are taking a liquid vitamin like Youngevity, be sure to sip on it throughout the day.

I’ve read that you should take calcium separate from your other supplements but I think it depends on the type of calcium you are taking (calcium carbonate or citrate). I take liquid calcium since I need extra calcium for my bones. I either mix it in with my other vitamins or I take a dose later in the evening (and sometimes both!).

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If you are over 40 you need to be taking extra calcium. The liquid calcium is easy to take twice a day (just find you a shot glass!) Your bone health is very important so you don’t get osteoporosis. My Mom has been able to reverse her osteopenia by using these Yougevity vitamins and taking calcium (along with her Dr. recommended plan).*

Where to get Vitamins

You can get your vitamins anywhere – literally. I don’t suggest buying the cheapest vitamin there is. Why? Because your body won’t be able to digest it. That means it might not be able to break down inside your digestive system as it should so you won’t benefit from it in any way.

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Look for high-quality ingredients – are they tested and do they meet high purity and manufacturing standards? Are the ingredients from natural or synthetic sources? How absorbable are they? Any clinical studies or science behind the brand?

Vitamins and Health

I personally use Youngevity nutrition. The multivitamin mineral complex is highly absorbable and made from with pure and potent ingredients based on scientific research on what your body needs to thrive Also, it contains a pre and probiotic and comes in a powder form that I mix with water. It includes 16 vitamins, 60 minerals, and 12 amino acids plus 9 essential fatty acids. Try getting all that in your daily diet!

You’ve got options here as well! Are you busy and always on the go? Maybe you’ll find it difficult to mix a drink to carry around all day? You can get Youngevity vitamins in a liquid, pill or powder form. The Powder comes in large bags, canisters or individual stick packs. The OsteoFX, which is the calcium comes in a powder or a liquid form. I prefer the liquid as I find the powder too gritty. BUT, if you mix it in a blender, that solves that issue.

It’s also unique in that it is dosed by body weight. Makes sense – a 200-pound person will need more nutrients than a 100-pound person. You can also personalize a program to meet your needs. Looking to lose weight, watch your blood sugar or need joint support? There’s a personalized pack that helps to address those added health concerns!

In addition to my multivitamin, calcium and EFA, I take a collagen supplement (see why you might need a collagen supplement). I also take glucosamine. I really like this brand as it is a small capsule unlike a lot of others that are big and difficult to swallow.

If you aren’t sure exactly what you need, take a health assessment quiz to find out exactly what nutrition your body needs.

As you can see, everyone needs to take their vitamins daily because there are many benefits of multivitamins. Make sure you are using a good quality multivitamin and that your body can absorb it.

You could do your own science experiment to see if it dissolves in a glass or water even though I know our stomachs don’t compare to water. Pay attention to how you feel when you take your vitamins too. Do you feel better? Have more energy?

If you’re interested in trying these supplements, you can learn more and if you are interested in ordering these supplements, this site makes it easy. Be sure to read this article about why it might be harder to lose weight as you age.   

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*This testimonial is from an individual and is based solely on the experience of the individual. Each person is different and therefore should not expect to have the same exact results as they vary from person to person.

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Why vitamins and minerals are important for women

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