Lunch Ideas for Work

Does this scenario sound familiar?  The office clock says noon and your coworker comes by your desk to see if you have any lunch ideas. You have choices. You can eat out with co-workers, or eat the lunch you brought.

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Eating lunch out every day can be expensive, not to mention taking longer than you have time for. But who has time to pack a lunch right?

It’s hard to find lunch for less than ten bucks plus tip.  You gobble down your food, share a few laughs with your co-workers and rush back to the office wishing you had time for a nap.

As you walk to your desk, you notice this lady putting away her lunch box.  She appears calm, happy and ready to get back to work, some of which she did while eating her lunch.  She’s thinking how delicious it was, how much money she saved and the hassles avoided.

Is it worth it to prepare and bring your lunch to work each day?  Well, looking at some basic examples let’s say the cost to fix your own lunch costs about $3 a day.  It may be cheaper or more expensive, but let’s just go with it. lunch ideas

That’s $15 for a five day week.  Eating out at approximately $10 a day comes to $50 for the week.  You just saved $35 not including drive time and gas.  That’s more than $1,800 a year!  Want to learn some tips to make you a brown bag superstar?

Easy Lunch Tips

  • Prepare it the night before so you’re not rushed in the morning.
  • Keep it simple but be creative and think healthy.  Sandwiches on whole grain bread are fine but include nuts, fruit or yogurt.  Also, put in a little treat for yourself that you can look forward to, perhaps a health bar or your favorite cookie.
  • Plan ahead and buy in bulk with lunches in mind.  Buy larger bags of chips or nuts and put them in smaller plastic bags instead of buying small individual bags.  Plus its helpful to the environment.
  • Eat leftovers.  Did you cook a big dinner last night? Put some in an individual container so you can grab it and go the next morning. Plus, you know it’s good and healthy!
  • BYOD. Bring your own drink too. If you drink canned beverages, buy a box and keep them at your desk. Try to choose healthy options (low sugar, no artificial sweeteners). Or buy a box of drink mixes to mix with a water bottle. Compared to vending machine drinks, you’ve saved even more.
  • If you’re running late there’s nothing wrong with occasionally taking a can of soup or vegetable chili.  Most offices have ovens or microwaves you can use for heating.

It’s up to you of course, but you can continue to work while you eat, catch up on your emails or other relaxing reading.  It just might impress the boss and if you have to take off early, you don’t feel as guilty.  If the weathers nice, go find a quiet spot to have a relaxing picnic. I found a short break from my desk energized me. lunch ideas

There’s a lot to be said for brown bagging your lunch.  You eat better, save time, money and you’re more productive.  Now all you have to do is figure out where to invest all that money you saved. Did someone say new shoes? lunch ideas

I hope you’ve enjoyed this money saving tip. You can find other tips on saving money on dining out and how to coupon. Don’t forget to come follow my frugal chic living boards on Pinterest. I’m also socially active! Find all my links here.

Cheap lunch ideas

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