Supplements for Women Over 50

You’ve heard me say it before. You should try to get as much of the vitamins and minerals that you need through a healthy diet. But, our needs change as we grow older. That’s right. We all have different nutritional needs at every different stage of our life. The older we get the more difficult it can be for our diets to keep up with those needs.

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Your recommended dietary allowance shifts as your body changes. If you are pregnant and breastfeeding you will have different needs. As you get older, say into your 50s, your needs change and continue to change into your 70s and beyond.

necessary supplements for women over 50
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You will find a full list of your recommended daily allowances, as well as what an adequate intake is for vitamins on the National Institutes of Health website. However, let’s break down the most important vitamins that you need as you reach your 50s and what supplements you should take to ensure you are getting everything you need.

The Right Supplements

B Vitamins

When you reach your 50s you will need more of all the vitamin Bs than others since it’s crucial to your overall health and wellness. The key B vitamins are B6 (pyridoxine), B9 (folic acid), and B12 (cobalamin). The vitamin B family is SO SO important to your immune health.

Of course, we all know B vitamins support energy production, nervous system function, the production of red blood cells, protein metabolism, and cognitive development. Also, it reduces the risk of many conditions that frequently impact older women.

Additionally, vitamin B12 is something that many older people aren’t getting enough of, simply because they are unable to properly absorb it So, for this reason, you should take vitamin B12 supplements.

Calcium and Vitamin D

One of the biggest risks of aging in women is osteoporosis. As we age, this risk gets higher, especially as we enter and exit menopause. Because this risk grows with age, EVERY woman should be taking the recommended daily allowance for calcium. The RDA is 1,200 milligrams for women over 50 years of age.

One study, published in Osteoporosis International, which followed almost 40,000 postmenopausal women for a period of seven years, found that women who took vitamin D and calcium supplements reduced the risk of hip fractures.

While the RDA is 1200 milligrams, I personally take 2000mg of calcium daily. My Mom followed this regimen, along with taking Youngevity nutrition and was able to drastically reduce her bone loss.* I also find it helps with those personal summers. I take calcium in a liquid form which is easier to swallow. My favorite liquid calcium is from reViva (I get it from Costco online; I’m sure you can find it on Amazon as well!). I also like this brand from VitaCost since it has several different flavors.

Essential Fatty Acids – Omega 3,6,9

The traditional American diet is very rich in Omega 6. These fats are found in lots of processed foods, but the other Omegas are needed. These omegas are inflammation-reducing fatty acids that will help reduce the buildup of plaque in the arteries. It also helps to keep your blood sugar balanced as well.

salmon is good for essential fatty acids
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It’s also important for brain health and can help prevent dementia. Ideally, you need to get 1,000 milligrams a day. You can get it from oily fish, edamame, walnuts, and a supplement. I find I just can’t eat enough so I supplement. Youngevity EFA Plus is a great option as is this VitaCost Omega. Also, Costco has a great brand as well.

Other Important Minerals

In addition to the vitamins and supplements listed above, you should increase your intake of particular foods to give your body a natural boost.

Did you know you can get folic acid from avocados, oranges, spinach, broccoli, and asparagus?

avocados healthy, avocados are a great for folic acid
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If you need extra iodine, enjoy seaweed, grain products, low-fat dairy items, and eggs.

Need more iron, then have white beans, poultry, lentils, red meat, spinach, and seafood.

We probably all need more Vitamin D which can be found in mushrooms, liver, fatty fish, and even spending some time in the sun!

For extra calcium, eat sardines, kale, dairy products, tofu, and salmon. Non-dairy milk like almond milk also contain lots of calcium.

Final Thoughts on Supplements for Women over 50

Your nutritional needs will shift and change as you enter different stages of life. Your medical conditions, lifestyle, and activity levels will also change. These will always play a role in your nutritional needs as well. The best way to meet those needs is through a healthy, balanced diet.

However, as noted above, there are times when supplements are necessary to make up for our body’s shortfalls. If you are on a special diet or take specific medications, you are at greater risk of vitamin deficiencies, and will likely need more supplements than the ones I have mentioned here. You should speak to your doctor about what your body might be missing based on your medications and dietary restrictions.

Recommended Women’s Vitamins and Supplements

While I believe that you should get as MUCH nutrition as you can from the food you eat, I also think it’s just not possible! Which is why supplementation is so crucial. My favorite vitamins are from Youngevity, since they are plant derived minerals and easily absorbed (& used) by our bodies. Youngevity sells its nutrition in a pack, called a Healthy Body Pack. My favorite pack has liquid calcium along with the multimineral/vitamin complex. My second favorite pack is the On-The-Go pack because I find it easier to take when I’m busy.

If the pack is just out of your price range, I’d suggest starting with the Tangy Tangerine or the BTT Tablets. I really like the reViva Calcium and these EFAs from Costco. Don’t let money be an object that stands between you and your health.

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Vitamins and Supplements for Women’s Health

*This testimonial was provided by a known family memeber. Results vary from person to person and is not a claim to cure, treat, prevent any disease.

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supplements for women over 50
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