Weight Loss Benefits of Lavender Oil

The use of essential oils has grown in popularity in the last few years.  Many people are using essential oils to help change their moods and improve their health. Psychologists believe that certain smells and even certain colors can affect how you might feel or behave. weight loss benefits of lavender oil

It’s true, isn’t it that certain smells can make you hungry or make you remember a special memory. For me, the smell of baking bread brings back memories of my childhood when my grandmother would teach my cousins and me how to make homemade bread. The smell of the bread fresh out of the oven is heavenly.weight loss benefits of lavender oil

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I also find this is true with color as well. Have you noticed some colors tend to make you feel calm (like blues and greens) while others tend to make you more excited (yellow)? Next time you visit a dentist office or a public place, notice the colors around you. This might not always ring true, but for the most part, it does.

Certain sounds can even bring back memories – some good, some maybe not so good.  For me, it’s music. Songs can take me back in time to high school or a favorite song that was shared with my friends. Other sounds, like frogs croaking, make me think of those summer nights as a kid growing up in the woods. Or the sound of the ocean waves. weight loss benefits of lavender oil

But let’s get back to smells for a moment. Sure, some smells can make you hungry, or bring back a special memory, but when you need to relax and calm down, there’s one smell I love. That’s lavender. In my opinion, no smell is better than lavender to help me relax. Its aroma is so sweet and rich with such a calming effect don’t you think?

So, why talk about lavender oil and dieting? Well, one of the main triggers that drive some people to overeat is stress.  And when you’re stressed, what do you turn to? Yes, that’s right. So many people choose to reach for comfort foods. And those comfort foods are typically high in calories.

After a bad day, you might come home and eat a pint of ice cream or a lot of sweets to help you feel better. The problem is that this can also lead to some serious weight gain, which can upset you even more right? weight loss benefits of lavender oil

Benefits of Lavender Oil

The smell of lavender oil has an inherent soothing property. Lab-based research has proven that lavender’s scent can reduce anxiety and stress, both of which can cause someone to overeat. Lavender has certain properties in the aroma of the oil which have been shown to help you calm down.

So, all you need to do now is to buy some lavender flowers and put them in your house so you can smell them every time you are feeling stressed. Yes, I’m being funny. But wouldn’t that be awesome (but only if you really liked purple) and had a whole lot of money. Because buying lavender flowers every week would get really expensive. So, instead of buying lavender flowers every week to get that calming floral smell you’ve got a few options.

How to use Lavender Oil

Lavenders scent is very popular. There are all kinds of air fresheners, sprays, and plugins you can buy. I’m going to caution you going this route. While this may be an expensive solution, these don’t really contain lavender oil and many are synthetic smells which may or may not relax you.

Another option that many have taken to is incense. Incense sticks are usually set up in a room and lit at one end, slowly burning down throughout the day. They have been used in some cultures for spiritual purposes, but in many western cultures, they’re either for show or for the smell. Lavender incense sticks are easily available and can help brighten any room. The smell you get from these sticks is also much more potent than other options.

My favorite option is lavender essential oil. Lavender oil can be put into an electric diffuser which will disperse the scent through the air. You can also mix lavender oil with water in a spray bottle to spray around a room. Please be sure to watch out for pets or little people that you don’t spray it on their face or in their eyes. I especially like to spray my pillow at night, just before I climb into bed.

Another benefit of lavender oil is that it is supposed to help you relax and sleep. Be sure to read how lack of sleep can affect your weight.

Lavender oil can also be mixed with a carrier oil like grapeseed or kukui and put into a rollerball to be applied to your skin. Please use caution when applying lavender if you have sensitive skin. While most lavender oils are very soothing to the skin, it’s always best to test it first. My favorite place to apply lavender is to the underside of my big toe. Granted it’s not easy to smell your feet, so if you’re looking for the smell, on the inside of your wrist works well. weight loss benefits of lavender oil

I have also seen jewelry for essential oils. You can buy lockets or bracelets that will hold or carry your lavender oil so you can smell it all day long!

Where to get your Lavender Oil

With the rise in popularity of essential oils, lavender oil is pretty easy to find. I bet if you ask 5 different people what the best lavender oil is, you will likely get 5 different answers. So, here’s what you need to look for and ultimately how you should choose your lavender oil.

First, make sure you are buying from a reputable company. Big box stores are not a place to buy your oils from. Maybe from a health food store, though the bottle I got I liked until I smelled one from a company that specializes in oils. Now, I have friends who both sell oils for a direct sales company. See if they can let you smell their oil. I buy my lavender oil from Youngevity. It is Lavender Mailette and I prefer the rich, full aroma. You can also find Lavender online (again from a reputable company.). This company is very reputable and a good option. Bottom line is finding a lavender oil that smells good to you.

So, next time you are feeling stressed, instead of reaching for a hand full of chocolate, reach for a bottle of lavender oil and let the smell calm you enough to step away from the junk food! weight loss benefits of lavender oil

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